Vander Arss again singing false praises of Turnaround for Children Inc.; ignoring the disastrous test scores

In a replate of his continuing fawning and false praise of Turnaround for Children Inc. Tom Vander Arss is now using his own web site to feather his nest.

And would you believe Pammy Cantor, the shadow prez of Turnaround for Children Inc., put him up to it?

Of course she did.

Heck, she wrote the damn thing for him.

Photo: We hope Pam likes us!

Pammy Cantor, aka Tom Vander Arss’ ghost writer

We asked for equal time but said, “thanks but no thanks.”

Alison Anderson, who shines Vander Arss’ shoes, wrote to us saying:

“Thank you for your submission but we will not be posting it at this time.”

Maybe by Christmas?

Alison Anderson

Alison Anderson

Could Anderson be denying us because three members of Vander Arss’ family are on his staff and not letting her make any editorial decisions?

Who would be that cynical?

Tom Vander Ark

Tom Vander Arss rules with an iron thumb.

Here’s the piece we did in reply to Vander Arss that Anderson rejected:

Why has Vander Arss posted the latest TFC public-relations piece only on his website and not on the Education Week website as well as is his customary practice to maximize the mileage of his anemic offerings?

Has Ed Week grown tired of Ted Cohen’s requests for equal time to present his point of view and
suggested to Vander Ark that he lay off the promotional campaign for awhile?

Did Pammy beg pretty please?

The use of citations and quotations typical of academic discourse takes

nothing away from the facts on the ground:

Children in TFC partner schools are failing miserably.


Although Cantor acknowledges “deep drops in scores,” in the country in general, she fails to tie this discussion to the precipitous drops in scores in TFC partner schools.
She claims that TFC interventions “have the potential to enhance each child’s development and performance.”

When will Cantor cease to entertain potentialities and instead offer some modicum of proof of her program’s success?

Unfortunately, there is no proof of the program’s success.

Therefore, Cantor and her BFFs – Vander Arss and $377,000-a-year David Osher of – are reduced to regurgitating psychobabble.

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