Turnaround for Children Inc. maintains lead in secrecy race

☞ Turnaround for Children Inc. holds the top spot for secretiveness.

Turnaround for Children

☞ The International Institute for Restorative Practices is providing limited information about its plans for Newark schools.

SaferSanerSchools: Restorative Practices in Schools and Educational Settings

☞ Ramapo for Children supplied some information, but has withheld other details.



Here is an example of our chasing down information:


Laura Mirsky, chief flak, SaferSanerSchools

We wrote to Laura Mirsky, the institute’s chief mouthpiece, asking, “Which schools will you be in this fall?”

Mirsky replied:

“I’ll look into this for you. Can you tell me what media outlet(s) you represent?
“Thanks for your interest.”
When we told Mirsky about our blog, which is the No. 1 national blog demanding transparency from nonprofit education-reform groups such as Turnaround for Children Inc., we never heard back.
Mirsky handed off our simple question – which schools will  SaferSaner be in this fall? – to John Bailie, director of continuing education for the Institute of Restorative Practices, which sponsors the SaferSaner program.
John Bailie
“We will be providing services at Barringer and West Side high schools,” he said.
He generalized about the institute’s goal as they relate to Newark schools.
Give the institute partial credit for at least trying.
* * *
Our current awards for lack of transparency are as follows:
Turnaround for Children Inc. is maintaining its lead for obstinacy:
We award the International Institute for Restorative Practices a second-place award for lacking transparency. It has given us responses, however limited, to our questions:
Ramapo for Children provided us with more information that its two top evasive competitors, at least disclosing a partial list of the Newark schools it plans to be in. But it has failed to disclose how much it is investing in Newark schools. It is holding steady in third place:

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