Turnaround for Children Inc. falsely advertising for Newark jobs already filled?

Despite placing ads for Newark schools on several on-line personnel websites, Turnaround for Children has suddenly announced all such alleged jobs have been filled.

“Unfortunately at the moment, I cannot tell you which schools in which (sic) we may be operating,” said Christine Ratnam of Turnaround’s HR department. “However, if you are interested in our opportunities, please do feel free to submit your resume for consideration.”

Just minutes later, Ratnam suddenly revised her urging applicants to submit resumes.

“My sincerest apologies however, on review of our positions, I see that we have now filled all of our current openings in NJ,” Ratnam said.

Ratnam photo 11.24.12.jpg

Ratnam’s “thanks-we’re-all-set” report comes amid Turnaround’s widely placed, still-active job ads on the internet, including such sites as indeed.com, idealist.org and simplyhired.com.

Moreover, Turnaround’s own website says the following:

Employment Opportunities

Turnaround for Children is currently hiring for the following positions.

Instructional Coach

Program Director

Social Work Consultant

So, if you want a job working for Turnaround for Children Inc. when it takes over Newark’s schools in the fall, you have two options:

1.) Assume they are still hiring and submit your resume.

2.) Take at face value Ratnam’s late-breaking report that all jobs have been filled and start looking elsewhere for work.

This just in … A spokesman for idealist.org says he is investigating Turnaround’s claims that jobs still being advertised have already been filled.

“I will check with my colleague here who is managing those searches, and have her check in with our hiring manager at Turnaround to see if anything has changed with these positions,” the spokesman said. “Perhaps Christine is mistaken, or they were just recently filled and we have not received word. I will be in touch ASAP.”

A spokesman for indeed.com, meanwhile, told us, “I’ll pass this information to have these jobs removed.”

Taylor Campbell, an indeed.com technical-support specialist, said, ” Indeed expires jobs once they are removed from the source in which we are pulling them from.”

Campbell’s report seems to be meritless: Her company’s website still has Turnaround jobs listed in Newark despite Turnaround’s claims that those jobs have already been filled.

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