Newark supt. blasts union chief for alleged fraudulent fundraising


Abeigon to Cerf: ‘You’re wrong!”

Newark  schools boss John M. Abeigon HD swung back at the city’s superintendent, laughing off Christopher Cerf‘s  claim that the union created a fake fund drive to raise cash.

“There’s nothing fictitious about the GoFundMe account,” Abeigon declared.

The tiff broke on:

Cerf, in a searing three-page letter to the union chief, accused Abeigon of creating a GoFundMe website under a “fictitious” foundation called ERC Foundation designed to raise $100,000.


Excerpt from Cerf letter blasting Abeigon. (


Supt. Christopher Cerf says Abeigon’s money-raising campaign a fraud. ( photo)

“When asked by the press,” Cerf charged, “you did not answer questions.”

Cerf was referring to a previous interview that Abeigon gave this blog’s editor, during which the union leader defended the fund-raising campaign. Abeigon at the time denied it was a fictitious foundation.

The website eventually went dark, with Abeigon saying at the time that it had been up temporarily only for testing purposes.

He stood by that assertion in the latest interview with us, saying, “We are working with our accountants to make certain that it complies with state and federal laws for accepting contributions.”

Cerf’s letter:




Veteran teacher to union: Defend us – or we all succumb to Turnaround’s ilk

Just what is the NTU’s…

“Education Resource Foundation?”


Abigail Shure

Longtime Newark teacher Abigail Shure argues that if the union used teachers’ contributed funds for their intended purpose – defending embattled teachers – rather than for lobbying, public education would benefit.

Shure’s triggerpoint was the Newark Teachers Union’s crying poverty – creating a questionable “foundation,” the details of which remain murky and mysterious – while teachers fight their own battles without union backing.

If the forces trying to defenestrate public education – most notably Turnaround for Children Inc. – prevail, it will be thanks to a misdirected union.


Now, Shure’s essay, which broke on the web under Ed Notes Online

By Abigail Shure

The Newark Teachers Union (NTU) an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) opened a gofundme.comaccount as first reported on Bob Braun’s Ledger

Donated funds are to be funneled through ERC Foundation. Repeated Google searches, however, have unearthed no information on the mysterious charity. Requests for clarification from the NTU have not been returned.

To make matters worse, the AFT is flush with cash. totaled up $1,273,694 in 2016 AFT federal campaign contributions. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton raked in $22,880 while former Democratic candidate U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, got a measly $8,229.  Unfortunate U.S. Sen. Corey Booker, D-NJ was only granted $15.

Back in 2015, detailed AFT donations to Clinton affiliates as $250,000 to Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Foundation, $250,000 to Clinton Global Initiative and $100,000 American Bridge 21st Century (a Clinton allied research group).

The AFT has plenty of money to spend on political candidates and politically aligned organizations with questionable agendas in regard to the future of public school education, whereas the teachers the union purports to represent have to resort to begging.





‘Atlantic Turnaround?’ Ravitch wonders: Is maggie’s reforming honeymoon over?


Ed-blogging prolific Diane Ravitch is positing that The Atlantic, long on helping the ed-reform movement, may suddenly be exposing a new underbelly.


Diane Ravitch

Decent question.

Ravitch before has touched that rail and we were only-too-happy to help:

But honest, we do have some originality – just remember our glomming post LOL:

bradley couple

 Wiki, BTW, says Atlantic’s reliance on private funding has raised some hackles.

“The Atlantic Media Company receives substantial financial support from the Gates Foundation through the National Journal ($240,000+) to provide coverage of education-related issues that are of interest to the Gates Foundation and its frequent partner in education policy initiatives, the Lumina Foundation.[37][38] Critics have suggested that this funding may lead to biased coverage and have noted the Lumina Foundation‘s connections to the private student loan company Sallie Mae.[39][40][41] Gates-funding of the National Journal is not always disclosed in articles or editorials about the Gates Foundation or Bill Gates, or in coverage of education white papers by other Lumina or Gates Foundation grantees, such as the New America Foundation.”


‘Hillary may pull a fast Turnaround on public-school teachers’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets a supporter following her address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University in New York

If the nation’s teachers were buffaloed by O’bummer, they may be in for another broad side – oops, sorry, broadside – by Bill’s gal pal, aka Hillary Clinton.

That – in a nutshell – is the warning from Paul Karrer, a fifth-grade Carly Fiorina – oops, sorry, California – teacher.

Who knew?

Now, we wouldn’t want to accuse Paul of being a disaffected Democrat, but jeez, if we did, maybe he might start thinking sensibly and, rather than attaching his wagon yet again to another leftest fraud, might throw his weight behind someone such as a smart businesswoman such as Carly.

Your friendly blogger btw thinks Carly would do far more for public servants than the fat left, which never saw a costly welfare system it couldn’t support.

And ya know what happens when the welfare rolls swell? The economy suffers.

And when the economy tanks, guess who gets hurt: those whose livelihoods depend on a robust market economy. If people can’t buy houses, and cars, and crap at Wal-Mart, guess what happens to the bank accounts of our nation’s states and cities.

So the moral to the story is … beware of what you wish for, teachers. There could be another Pam Cantor (as in, Turnaround for Children Inc.) waiting in a dark alley with her sword aimed at your flanks.

Pesky test-score droop: Turnaround for Children Inc. needs to learn ‘when you’re in a hole, stop digging.’

joke's on you

Hey – remember those awful NYC test scores in Turnaround for Children Inc.’s “partner” schools?

Here’s a reminder in case you forgot:

bronx charter school for excellence test scores

TFC doesn’t want you to remember those failures.

So its latest Facebook post tries to trumpet “a unique collaboration” that is “taking teamwork to a whole new level.”

Maybe they mean taking teamwork to a hole.


Here’s the video with lots of LOLs:

“Working as one cohesive team, the teachers are sharing best practices learned from Turnaround with Children and collaborating on lesson planning to improve literacy for their students,” says TFC’s self-serving post.

So P.S. 85 and Bronx Charter School for Excellence collaborating with Turnaround for Children Inc. to improve test scores.

As you see at the top of this post, TFC had no success in Bronx charter School’s efforts to educate its kids.

And let’s remember the results in P.S. 85:

ps 85

Education Week’s $13 million funders now hearing our plea for transparency; Cohen seeking to ‘tear down this wall;’ Ms. Edwards, grant us editorial balance on your Turnaround for Children Inc. whitewash

virginia edwards mug

Virginia $253,000-a-year Edwards

Prez of Education Week

What perspective is Ed Week attempting to silence?

Does Ed Week support the education-reformer view that ordinary citizens and taxpayers should not participate in the national-education bet?

Instead we should follow the long-debated, top-down assembly-line format whereby we each deal only with our individual widgets?

Select machers such as Vander Ark and Hess are allowed to pontificate at will. No balance is needed since they are in the know.


We have emailed all 16 philanthropies supporting EdWeek appealing to them to urge EdWeek to publish our op ed or letter disclosing the truth about Turnaround for Children Inc.’s failures.

ed week email

ed week funders

Top salaries at EdWeek.

ed week sals==

Pamela Cantor, the prexy of Turnaround for Children Inc., likes Vander Ark’s one-sided editorials.
But test scores of children studying in TFC partner schools are plummeting.

Vander Ark’s version of creative writing:

cohen and vander ark go back and forth

Here’s our version – of the truth:

Match made in heaven – Cantor and Vander Ark.

cantor and vander ark


EdWeek is making so much money it is now charging teachers – the ones whose jobs they are after – for articles.

ed week charging teachers’s $377,000-a-year Osher, chief of Turnaround for Children Inc., in cover-up over phantom research?

When will Osher answer questions about his phantom Public School 85 research?

Pants on Fire!

osher mug

Osher: “You want me to answer questions?”

Yes, we do.

First question: How do you explain the disastrous test scores in P.S. 85 – the same school you touted as a Turnaround success?

Here since you, uh, “missed them,” are the P.S. 85 test results in wake of Turnaround for Children Inc.:

ps 85

Second question: You say your “research” involved 2005 to 2008.

Where is the research?

We can’t find it anywhere.

Third question: Since you wrote your laudatory Turnaround article in August 2013, why didn’t you mention the latest disastrous scores?

The press reported these disastrous scores so it’s not like you were living under a rock – or maybe you were.

Here are the articles reporting the scores:

Item: Math proficiency went from 65 percent in 2008 to 7 percent in 2013.

Item: English proficiency went from 36 percent in 2008 to 6 percent in 2013.


Osher’s co-conspirator:

cantor big face mug

Turnaround’s Pammy Cantor, who lives with Osher in The Land of Make Believe.

osher, cantor faking it

cantor, osher unholy alliance


“The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it.”
J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Turnaround for Children Inc. blinded by’s $260,000,000 in annual tax money: a helter-skelter educational mission clouded by dollar signs

David Osher of – who never saw a resume builder he didn’t like – is in good company with Pam Cantor of Turnaround for Children Inc., who never saw an inflated resume she didn’t like.

$377,000-a-year David Osher of has claimed to work on improving “conditions for learning.”

But out in the field at Turnaround for Children Inc., it is impossible to find the nexus between so-called improved conditions for learning and academic proficiency as measured by standardized test scores.

Several possible explanations exist;

1) the theory does not hold water

2) TFC provides a counter example to the research

3) your tax dollars are being wasted

990 air

What’s $255,941,081 in wasted taxpayer dollars among friends?

Just ask $377,000-a-year David Osher:

osher mug

“What, me worry?”

Oh, speaking of…

Osher’s 50-page resume includes his claim that he was dean of a “pioneering” NH college from 1974 to 1978.

But he, uh, forgot to mention that the school closed due to what Wiki calls

“years of declining enrollment and increasing financial difficulties.”

The college was an unmitigated disaster, according to this searing retrospective on it:

And here’s more on the disastrous academic experience that Osher claims in his resume was a success:

Here is Osher’s self-styled creative resume section on Franconia College:

osher resume fraud