Teachers union goes mute – refuses to explain “foundation”

If you want to know what the “ERC Foundation” is, don’t bother asking Newark Teachers Association President John Abeigon, who has refused to respond to repeated  press inquiries.


John Abeigon (Facebook)

Abeigon’s silence comes amid myriad published reports of the union’s so-far unsuccessful effort to raise money through a newly formed “foundation” called the ERC Foundation.

The failed campaign has even caught the eye of the Washington Examiner. http://washex.am/2cNrXJp

“Maybe it’s due to poor promotion, or maybe it’s a hoax,” The Examiner’s Jason Russell wrote. “But after five days, a fundraiser for the Newark Teachers Union has raised $0. As of 5:30 p.m. on Monday, a GoFundMe page for the union had zero donations since its creation on Sept. 14.”

On its page http://bit.ly/2d1ZUYw the NTU writes:

“With Newark educators, their unions, students and public education under constant attack, the Newark Teachers Union is announcing an innovative way not just to fight back but educate the public about why public education must be supported and strengthened.

“Are you as angry as we are—the Newark Teachers Union—about the unrelenting attacks on teachers, their unions, their students and public education? This war is funded by the state, which is using taxpayer dollars to destabilize public education, especially in the poorest districts, like Newark.

“We need to fight back, but we don’t have access to the same funding sources as those who want to destroy our public schools. If you’re mad as hell and want to help us launch a real campaign to make sure Newark students, their educators, their families and communities have the strong, well-resourced neighborhood public schools they need to thrive, then consider donating whatever you can to our struggle.

“Any amount you contribute is greatly appreciated.”


Turnaround’s buddy Katherine Bradley’s infamy catching up with the blog of record

katherine bradley city paper

Good morning Washington!

City Paper is onto us. I mean, really. We had the Katherine Bradley effect two years ago.


And now City Paper has done a follow-up to our work.

Imitation really is the sincerest form of flattery!


(Glad to see City Paper catching up with the blog of record.)

Here as a public service we link two additional postings of ours from past years on Katherine and her pals at Turnaround for Children Inc.



Failed CNN anchor and Pamela-Cantor-bosom-pal Brown: see if you can Turn(THIS)around! ‘Sorry, class, I’m late – again LOL.’

campbell brown

Campbell Brown turns a cold shoulder LOL

Hey Campbell http://www.the74million.org Brown – see if you can do a little work on the unions that are protecting pure incompetence.

Like, how can a teacher be late 111 times and still be, uh teaching?


NEW BRUNSWICK — An arbitrator used scathing language to describe the conduct of a public school teacher who has been late to work several dozen times in the last two years but also rejected the district’s attempt to fire him, according to a ruling in a tenure hearing reached earlier this month.

Arnold Anderson, a teacher at Roosevelt School, was late 46 times in the most recent school year through March 20, and another 65 times in the previous school year, according to the text of the arbitrator’s decision, which was filed Aug. 19.

The state-appointed arbitrator, David Gregory, a professor at St. John’s University School of Law in New York, was dismissive of Anderson’s claim that the quality of his teaching outweighs his frequent tardiness.

“At most, [Anderson] uses micro-quibbles of a few unpersuasive explanations, with a macro-default position that even when he is late he nevertheless delivers a superb educational experience to his grateful students,” Gregory wrote.

Gregory was likewise skeptical of Anderson’s claim that his lateness does not merit disciplinary action, adding that Anderson offers “no credible explanations for his tardiness record.”

But Gregory, citing his nearly 15 years of service, also found that summary discharge was not appropriate for Anderson, who is entitled to due process and progressive discipline prior to termination. Anderson has been denied raises as a  result of his lateness, Gregory noted, but was never given at least 90 days’ notice to correct his behavior.

Failed CNN anchor and Turnaround sleeparound kicks off new way to a payroll: start a ‘nonprofit.’ Sound familiar?

campbell brown

Campbell Brown

It was only a matter of time before low-ratings, CNN-failed-anchor Campbell Brown – who slumbers on the board of Turnaround for Children – came up with a new way to rake in cash – start a “nonprofit.”

campbell brown

Brown is calling her new slush fund “The Seventy Four.”

It’ll be a “nonprofit, nonpartisan online newsroom aimed at driving a much-needed conversation about reforming America’s education system,” according to PRNewswire.

The site will “pursue stories about the education of our 74 million children in honest, fearless, and relentless terms in an effort to turn the tide and reinstate the U.S. as the global education leader,” PRN reported.

“The future of our country is predicated on a strong education system that serves all 74 million of America’s children. Unfortunately, for far too long, special interests have prioritized their own needs over the well-being of our students and have not been held accountable,” Brown told PRNewswire. “We are long overdue for an honest conversation about what works and what doesn’t work. That’s why we started The Seventy Four, a newsroom with an unapologetic point of view that will serve as a platform for those without a voice.”




Brown must be getting advice from her bosom buddy, Pam Cantor, who heads the highly unsuccessful nonprofit Turnaround for Children Inc.

You’ve seen Turnaround’s results. Wait. we mean lack of results. LOL.

Here’s just an example of how Turnaround has the touch.


Turnaround for Children ‘lost’ $1 million last year? Newark entry a bust? Ring a bell?

turnaround loss4


Turnaround for Children Inc.’s IRS filing shows $1 million expenses over revenue last year.

turnaround loss

In its Form 990 filing for the tax year that ended June 2014, the expense-exceeding-revenue disclosure (for 7/1/13 to 6/30/14) is revealed.


Pamela Cantor, who is Turnaround’s chief executive officer, filed the report under penalty of perjury on Jan. 30, 2015, according to IRS records.

In her report to the IRS, Cantor tries to trumpet her agency’s “success,” but discloses “not as much progress as we would like to see.:”

    turnaround loss2

Menawhile, the IRS filing also shows that Kate Felsen, who is paid $160,000 as “vice president of communicatins,” masks her name in the IRS filing as “Katherine Di Pietro,” which is her married name.

turnaround loss3

Who knew?!

For $160,000, I guess you are free to use whatever name you want LOL.

Di Pietro – or Felsen depending on your flavor – is for the first time listed as among the organization’s top-paid employees.

So, the moral to the story may be, ‘you can call me Ray, or you can call me Ray Jay, but you doesn’t have to call me Felsen.’

The Form 990 also shows:

* Nearly $1 million in receipts for the organization’s annual “gala” party.

* Food & “beverage” gala expenses of more than $135,000. Now, that’s a party, folks!


Oops – there was one more thing, ma’am, that we licked our chops over this tidbit in the IRS report:

* Director Owen Lewis was paid $35,000 for “consulting services.”


Owen Lewis


Veteran teacher: ‘Don’t blame us for your mistakes and – oh, ya, Turnaround is still a joke.’

dunce cap

Veteran Newark teach Abigail Shure came out swinging against – what’s this? – her kissin’ cuz in the wake of his posting [https://newarkschoolsforsale.wordpress.com/2015/06/13/failing-blacks-and-hispanics-heck-send-turnaround-to-fix-it-not/] that suggested new stats say the “best teachers” should be assigned to classrooms where the blacks and hispanics are failing.

abbie in school library

Abigail Shure

“The reformer mantra of, ‘children living in poverty are forced to suffer from the worst teachers,’ is getting stale,” the longtime teacher wrote in a reply comment to the blog. “The argument paints teachers laboring in schools filled with high-needs students with broad-brush strokes.”

If teachers in the minority classrooms are receiving low evaluations, Shure said, “these poor ratings are not being explored or exposed or explained.”

Shure said the problem is not that the minority classrooms have bad teachers, the problem is that administrators are assigning teachers to tasks outside of their expertise and experience, and then blaming the teachers for poor performance.

The veteran educator used herself as an example of how teachers are held accountable for poor management. Shure said she has spent the past year at an “employee-without-placement” site as a library aide and academic-intervention and social-and-emotional-learning teacher, assignments that are “outside of my realm of expertise.”

So, it is no wonder, she said, that her evaluation comes in at only “partially effective.”

Shure found agreement with us on one front. “Turnaround for Children has little to offer to mitigate the profound academic, social and economic challenges of our children,” she wrote.

abbie reply

Shucker shills for Cantor’s Turnaround: Phantom test results unabating

shucker foto


In a column for readingeagle.com, Louis M. Schucker, an attorney and former member of Schuylkill Valley (Pa.) School Board, wrote of Turnaround’s “work:”

“The results have been impressive. In schools that have partnered with Turnaround for more than two years, math and reading scores have improved at double the rate of peer schools. So did scores measuring school safety and a supportive learning environment.”


Are you forgetting the actual results of Turnaround’s “work?”

Here’s a reminder:


NYT apparently missed Turnaround’s big busts (aka dismal test scores)

david bornstein nyt

David Bornstein NYT

The NYT is touting Turnaround for Children’s school impact.

It’s had an impact, alright.

The snooze-paper of record apparently missed the drop in test scores in just about every school that Turnaround has gotten its paws into.

“… in Turnaround partner schools, more than 90 percent of students with behavioral needs get connected to appropriate services, typically within three weeks,’ the NYT’s David Bornstein wrote.


Hah! Sounds nice but in reality it’s all puffery.

That’s what Pam Cantor likes – inflatables – to headline on Turnaround’s website:

turnaround nyt

If you want the real news check out our posts on Turnaround’s touch:


‘Hillary may pull a fast Turnaround on public-school teachers’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets a supporter following her address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University in New York

If the nation’s teachers were buffaloed by O’bummer, they may be in for another broad side – oops, sorry, broadside – by Bill’s gal pal, aka Hillary Clinton.

That – in a nutshell – is the warning from Paul Karrer, a fifth-grade Carly Fiorina – oops, sorry, California – teacher.


Who knew?

Now, we wouldn’t want to accuse Paul of being a disaffected Democrat, but jeez, if we did, maybe he might start thinking sensibly and, rather than attaching his wagon yet again to another leftest fraud, might throw his weight behind someone such as a smart businesswoman such as Carly.

Your friendly blogger btw thinks Carly would do far more for public servants than the fat left, which never saw a costly welfare system it couldn’t support.

And ya know what happens when the welfare rolls swell? The economy suffers.

And when the economy tanks, guess who gets hurt: those whose livelihoods depend on a robust market economy. If people can’t buy houses, and cars, and crap at Wal-Mart, guess what happens to the bank accounts of our nation’s states and cities.

So the moral to the story is … beware of what you wish for, teachers. There could be another Pam Cantor (as in, Turnaround for Children Inc.) waiting in a dark alley with her sword aimed at your flanks.

Braun’s brawn: Newark funnels cash to Turnaround’s failures

Alison Averra

TFC’s Alison Averra (Cami’s bosom bud)

Newark’s school bosses have decided to schlep another bag of cash over to Turnaround for Children Inc., according to BobBraunsledger.com.


Like, really?

Turnaround has Newark in its pocket?

You don’t say.


“From 2012 to 2014, the two years of the “Renew Schools” experiment, the percentage of students at Chancellor Avenue passing the state NJASK tests in language arts fell from 30.6 to 20.7 and in math from 47.3 to 38.4. At Cleveland, the drops were 25.3 to 21.6 in language arts and 41.1 to 26.6 in math. Passing rates at Thirteenth Avenue fell from 18.3 to 17.3 in language arts and from 24.3 to 20.1 in math.”

Stay tuned…