‘Hillary may pull a fast Turnaround on public-school teachers’

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton greets a supporter following her address at the 18th Annual David N. Dinkins Leadership and Public Policy Forum at Columbia University in New York

If the nation’s teachers were buffaloed by O’bummer, they may be in for another broad side – oops, sorry, broadside – by Bill’s gal pal, aka Hillary Clinton.

That – in a nutshell – is the warning from Paul Karrer, a fifth-grade Carly Fiorina – oops, sorry, California – teacher.


Who knew?

Now, we wouldn’t want to accuse Paul of being a disaffected Democrat, but jeez, if we did, maybe he might start thinking sensibly and, rather than attaching his wagon yet again to another leftest fraud, might throw his weight behind someone such as a smart businesswoman such as Carly.

Your friendly blogger btw thinks Carly would do far more for public servants than the fat left, which never saw a costly welfare system it couldn’t support.

And ya know what happens when the welfare rolls swell? The economy suffers.

And when the economy tanks, guess who gets hurt: those whose livelihoods depend on a robust market economy. If people can’t buy houses, and cars, and crap at Wal-Mart, guess what happens to the bank accounts of our nation’s states and cities.

So the moral to the story is … beware of what you wish for, teachers. There could be another Pam Cantor (as in, Turnaround for Children Inc.) waiting in a dark alley with her sword aimed at your flanks.