Turnaround for Children Inc. blinded by AIR.org’s $260,000,000 in annual tax money: a helter-skelter educational mission clouded by dollar signs

David Osher of AIR.org – who never saw a resume builder he didn’t like – is in good company with Pam Cantor of Turnaround for Children Inc., who never saw an inflated resume she didn’t like.

$377,000-a-year David Osher of AIR.org has claimed to work on improving “conditions for learning.”

But out in the field at Turnaround for Children Inc., it is impossible to find the nexus between so-called improved conditions for learning and academic proficiency as measured by standardized test scores.

Several possible explanations exist;

1) the theory does not hold water

2) TFC provides a counter example to the research

3) your tax dollars are being wasted

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What’s $255,941,081 in wasted taxpayer dollars among friends?

Just ask $377,000-a-year David Osher:

osher mug

“What, me worry?”

Oh, speaking of…

Osher’s 50-page resume includes his claim that he was dean of a “pioneering” NH college from 1974 to 1978.

But he, uh, forgot to mention that the school closed due to what Wiki calls

“years of declining enrollment and increasing financial difficulties.”


The college was an unmitigated disaster, according to this searing retrospective on it:


And here’s more on the disastrous academic experience that Osher claims in his resume was a success:


Here is Osher’s self-styled creative resume section on Franconia College:

osher resume fraud