Ravitch rhymes with … failed CNN anchor Campbell Brown, the Turnaround mistress who is 1/2 right 1/2 the time

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The prolific ed-blogger and author Diane Ravitch has some tough talk for failed CNN anchor Campbell Brown as the latter embarks on her new “project,” a so-called online, education-reform news platform.

“As you begin your new advocacy, there are a few things you need to know,” Ravitch lectures Brown in a blog post by the former.


For example, “I realize that you are very concerned about the fact that 50% of our students are ‘below grade level.’ I want to make sure you understand that ‘grade level’ means ‘the median,'” Ravitch tells Brown. ‘It is the midpoint, and it doesn’t have a set meaning. There will always be 50% above grade level, and 50% below grade level. That is the definition of ‘grade level.’”

Ouch again!


Brown launched her new venture amid great fanfare, without the fan.



‘Atlantic Turnaround?’ Ravitch wonders: Is maggie’s reforming honeymoon over?


Ed-blogging prolific Diane Ravitch is positing that The Atlantic, long on helping the ed-reform movement, may suddenly be exposing a new underbelly.



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Decent question.

Ravitch before has touched that rail and we were only-too-happy to help:


But honest, we do have some originality – just remember our glomming post LOL:


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 Wiki, BTW, says Atlantic’s reliance on private funding has raised some hackles.

“The Atlantic Media Company receives substantial financial support from the Gates Foundation through the National Journal ($240,000+) to provide coverage of education-related issues that are of interest to the Gates Foundation and its frequent partner in education policy initiatives, the Lumina Foundation.[37][38] Critics have suggested that this funding may lead to biased coverage and have noted the Lumina Foundation‘s connections to the private student loan company Sallie Mae.[39][40][41] Gates-funding of the National Journal is not always disclosed in articles or editorials about the Gates Foundation or Bill Gates, or in coverage of education white papers by other Lumina or Gates Foundation grantees, such as the New America Foundation.”