Ramapo swamping Turnaround for Children Inc.?


In her latest report, Supt. Cami Anderson teases about a thing called Ramapo for Children.


“Central office will provide ongoing training, resources and supports to support principals in transforming school climate, e.g. Ramapo for Children,” Cami says.

Ramapo’s communications manager, Johanna Kinsley, provided minimal details on Ramapo’s plans.

Johanna Kinsley

She writes:

We began our work in Newark through a grant funded by Stavros Niarchos Foundation and trained every high school principal in Newark. Ramapo was also selected as a vendor to be pre-qualified to work with individual schools, and for the 2012-2013 school year worked with Peshine Elementary, Camden Elementary, West Side High School, and Newark Vocational High School.

In the coming school year, we will be in the aforementioned schools, along with Newark Bridges. We are also working with the Office of College and Career Readiness to support the redesign of student support teams in 16 Newark schools.

We also sit on a Culture and Climate Committee to ensure district-wide alignment with Turnaround and International Institute for Restorative Practices.

Editor’s note: Ms. Kinsley declined to answer how much money Ramapo is spending on its school-reform endeavors. We have resubmitted that question to her, as well as asking for a list of the 16 schools. She continues to refuse to answer the funding question. As to which schools comprise the 16, she said, “I do not know at the moment the 16 schools.”

Stay tuned … We’re pursuing the funding question, which Kinsley says is “not germane.”

This just in … Ramapo board chief Richard Rosenthal has reached out to us and says he will get us some answers. He writes:

I received your email while I was traveling and I have passed it on to our CEO for his review and response.
We are sorry that our answers to your questions were unsatisfactory.
As you know, we are a nonprofit organization and many of our funders and
foundations wish to remain out of the spotlight and sometimes we cannot
provide those names etc. However, we will endeavor to respond to your queries this week.
Thanks for reaching out.
Richard Rosenthal

Richard Rosenthal

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