Pamela Cantor censors Turnaround for Children Inc. Facebook, but posts her own self-serving blather

pamela cantor mugdislike-button-stop-sign

Turnaround for Children President Pamela Cantor shuts people out of Turnaround’s Facebook page if they post provocative questions or comments.

But Cantor is quick as a bunny to post her own, self-serving rants on Turnaround’s page:

pam cantor's rants

Here are some questions for Cantor:

What is the correlation between Turnaround for Children interventions and academic proficiency as measured by standardized test scores?

Are you aware of the degree to which suspension and expulsion rates may be manipulated by school administrators? (Administrators may for example choose arbitrarily to suspend one student and not suspend another student for the same offense.)

How do you quantify the amount of time students spend learning?

Please provide evidence that development of “essential social skills, such as self-regulation, empathy, and respect for others” boosts academic achievement.


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