‘Foundation for Newark’s Future?’ or ‘How to alienate the press?’

From: reneejharper@gmail.com
To: tedcohen@hotmail.com
CC: kimberly@newarksfuture.org; kevin@newarksfuture.org

Dear Mr. Cohen,
The interest of both the Newark Public Schools and the Foundation for Newark’s Future is to promote and support improved educational outcomes for students and families in Newark, NJ.
What exactly is your interest?   First you ask about whether or not FNF is funding the work of Turnaround for Children in Newark (and you have that answer which is no).  Then you ask if I can help you place an op-ed which seeks to disparage the work in Newark and cast aspersions upon those doing it.  And now you are looking for conflicts of interest where there are none.
I have provided you with my contact information, as has the team at Turnaround for Children.  And yet, all we get from you are these ridiculous emails.
As far as I can tell, you do not work for, with or on behalf of any media outlet.  If you are indeed interested in writing about our work, then I am happy to assist you with that and that alone.
Renee Harper
Editor’s note: Harper, a former communications officer for Newark Public Schools, now pontificates for Foundation for Newark’s Future.

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