Desperate Turnaround for Children Inc. now shilling for dollars by selling, uh, Longines watches. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk, Pamela Cantor

Apparently, when your numbers are in the tank, you’ll do just about anything when seconds count.

cantor shills for longines watch

So Turnaround prexy Pammy Cantor gets herself nominated by T&C magazine as an “extraordinary woman” for the “impact she has made on children’s lives.”

In addition to the awards dinner held in their honor, winners received a trip to New York for a professional photo shoot and the opportunity to create awareness for their charity with a special full page feature in Town&Country.

Town & Country - New York, NY

To complete the winners’ new elegant look, Longines awarded each woman a watch and made a donation on behalf of each guest to the charity of their choice.

“TOWN&COUNTRY is the authority on the meaning of modern society, and why it matters. We showcase a seductive world of exceptional people and exclusive places, examining how the activities of these names and faces, their tastes and family traditions, status symbols and private clubs, important ideas and celebrated accomplishments, shape the very world in which we live.”

Now that’s what we call self-effacing, no?

T&C’s Longines-loving Cantor citation apparently missed the disastrous NYC test scores in the wake of Cantor’s work in city schools.

turnaround nyc failure

For T&C’s benefit, we invite them to read either of these:

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