Newark union chief: ‘Fundraising effort to be revived soon; stay tuned’


Union chief John M. Abeigon (

Newark Teachers Union chief John M. Abeigon says the group’s plans to raise money to defend public teachers have not been dropped, despite any public perception otherwise in the wake of “technical kinks.”

Abeigon‘s assertion comes just days after the union president pulled the plug on the organization’s funding site following critics who said the effort to raise money went south due to lack of support.

“The GoFundMe site is down temporarily and will return once we have worked out technical kinks,” Abeigon said.

The union boss has steadfastly denied the critics who complained the project was ill-fated due to the public perception that the union is awash in cash and needs no further financial help to defend embattled teachers.

He added: “We remain dedicated to fighting fire with fire and look forward to teachers negatively impacted by so-called ‘reforms’ to support us.”

Asked whether he has dropped the fundraising effort in the face of skepticism, Abeigon stated emphatically: “no.”

The union leader initiated a public fundraising campaign recently that he said was designed to help finance the onslaught against teachers, especially senior faculty members whose tenures are under fire.

But after the effort went dry, with no donations, Abeigon said the funding website was only up for testing. He quickly pulled it down, however, amid questions.

GoFundMe officials said people who create funding pages often don’t immediately publish them while they make final touches to their campaigns. Bartlett Jackson, regional communications manager for GoFundMe, said he wasn’t familiar with the details of the Newark case.

Abeigon insists he will re-post the funding page soon.




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