Teachers union goes mute – refuses to explain “foundation”

If you want to know what the “ERC Foundation” is, don’t bother asking Newark Teachers Association President John Abeigon, who has refused to respond to repeated  press inquiries.


John Abeigon (Facebook)

Abeigon’s silence comes amid myriad published reports of the union’s so-far unsuccessful effort to raise money through a newly formed “foundation” called the ERC Foundation.

The failed campaign has even caught the eye of the Washington Examiner. http://washex.am/2cNrXJp

“Maybe it’s due to poor promotion, or maybe it’s a hoax,” The Examiner’s Jason Russell wrote. “But after five days, a fundraiser for the Newark Teachers Union has raised $0. As of 5:30 p.m. on Monday, a GoFundMe page for the union had zero donations since its creation on Sept. 14.”

On its page http://bit.ly/2d1ZUYw the NTU writes:

“With Newark educators, their unions, students and public education under constant attack, the Newark Teachers Union is announcing an innovative way not just to fight back but educate the public about why public education must be supported and strengthened.

“Are you as angry as we are—the Newark Teachers Union—about the unrelenting attacks on teachers, their unions, their students and public education? This war is funded by the state, which is using taxpayer dollars to destabilize public education, especially in the poorest districts, like Newark.

“We need to fight back, but we don’t have access to the same funding sources as those who want to destroy our public schools. If you’re mad as hell and want to help us launch a real campaign to make sure Newark students, their educators, their families and communities have the strong, well-resourced neighborhood public schools they need to thrive, then consider donating whatever you can to our struggle.

“Any amount you contribute is greatly appreciated.”


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