Failing blacks and hispanics? Heck, send Turnaround to fix it. NOT!


NY stats show blacks, hispanics get the bad teachers.

What to do?

Send the best teachers into the black classrooms?

NO! Heck, call Pam Cantor. she’ll fix it – good! LOL!

Pretend we never said it. Shame on us for raising the specter of sending Turnaround for Children Inc. to put out the fire.

We all remember what happened when Turnaround went into DC and NY. Does the word disaster ring a bell?


One thought on “Failing blacks and hispanics? Heck, send Turnaround to fix it. NOT!

  1. The reformer mantra of children living in poverty are forced to suffer from the worst teachers is getting stale. The argument paints teachers laboring in schools filled with high needs students with broad brush strokes. I, for example, have spent the last year in Newark as an Employee Without Placement Site teaching outside of my certification. My three assignments were Library Aide, Academic Intervention Teacher and
    Social and Emotional Learning
    Teacher. Despite sixteen years experience in the district, numerous
    graduate credits and best efforts, my
    annual evaluation is Partially Effective. Your post and the linked article neglect to mention the myriad of political factors at play here. I am, however, in agreement that Turnaround for Children has little to offer to mitigate the profound academic, social and economic challenges of our children.

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