Braun’s brawn: Newark funnels cash to Turnaround’s failures

Alison Averra

TFC’s Alison Averra (Cami’s bosom bud)

Newark’s school bosses have decided to schlep another bag of cash over to Turnaround for Children Inc., according to

Like, really?

Turnaround has Newark in its pocket?

You don’t say.


“From 2012 to 2014, the two years of the “Renew Schools” experiment, the percentage of students at Chancellor Avenue passing the state NJASK tests in language arts fell from 30.6 to 20.7 and in math from 47.3 to 38.4. At Cleveland, the drops were 25.3 to 21.6 in language arts and 41.1 to 26.6 in math. Passing rates at Thirteenth Avenue fell from 18.3 to 17.3 in language arts and from 24.3 to 20.1 in math.”

Stay tuned…


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