ITI’s chief to Turnaround: “Pam, can I borrow your Rolodex?” (LOL)

A tekkie lobbyist under fire for failing to consult educators on hiring minorities is fresh off settling a lawsuit brought by one of his competitors, who claims the lobbyist wasn’t very diverse in establishing his own contacts.


dean garfieldGarfield

Dean Garfield of the Information Technology Industry Council recently settled a lawsuit brought against ITI by TechAmerica, according to

Seems Dean’s group took TA’s Rolodex.

A guy who fails to hire minorities also isn’t very diverse in cultivating his own tekkie sources?


Maybe Dean needs to consult Pam Cantor at Turnaround for Children Inc., whose Rolodex includes a link to this blog:

And now this:

The Hill is also reporting on Dean’s being forced to defend his group’s alleged failure to hire minorities.

“When it rains, it pours.”


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