Pam Cantor has a friend? USA Today tekkie scribbler also full of falsities

After USA Today blasted Silicon Valley for failing to hire minorities, an alleged tekkie tried to do a comeback with a defense.

But Dean Garfield‘s attempt was even more anemic than the paper’s original editorial:

Can this be?

Can Turnaround for Children Inc. actually have met its match – someone whose vacuousness eclipses even Pamela Cantor‘s?

Nah, can’t be.

Oh, yes it can be.

The credit for this catch goes to Abigail Shure, a veteran Newark teacher who’s been in the trenches for public education for decades.

Shure fired off a letter to Garfield, who masquerades as the top dawg at the Information Technology Industry Council.

“Both the editorial and the op-ed are lacking in specifics on how to engage the educational community to attract black, hispanic and female candidates to pursue tech careers,” Shure said.

We tried to wake Garfield from his slumber but got no response to either emails or tweets.

USA Today started the fight this way:




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