Pesky test-score droop: Turnaround for Children Inc. needs to learn ‘when you’re in a hole, stop digging.’

joke's on you

Hey – remember those awful NYC test scores in Turnaround for Children Inc.’s “partner” schools?

Here’s a reminder in case you forgot:

bronx charter school for excellence test scores

TFC doesn’t want you to remember those failures.

So its latest Facebook post tries to trumpet “a unique collaboration” that is “taking teamwork to a whole new level.”

Maybe they mean taking teamwork to a hole.


Here’s the video with lots of LOLs:

“Working as one cohesive team, the teachers are sharing best practices learned from Turnaround with Children and collaborating on lesson planning to improve literacy for their students,” says TFC’s self-serving post.

So P.S. 85 and Bronx Charter School for Excellence collaborating with Turnaround for Children Inc. to improve test scores.

As you see at the top of this post, TFC had no success in Bronx charter School’s efforts to educate its kids.

And let’s remember the results in P.S. 85:

ps 85


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