Education Week: ‘Don’t call us, we’ll call you.’ Ed Week chief kills her golden goose

ed week muzzlesYou call this a newspaper?

Ed Week’s chief editor has a new way to stifle dissent – create a paywall.

virginia edwards mugVirginia $253,000-a-year Edwards

Edwards emailed us proudly announcing that to have full access to the site, readers will have to subscribe.

ed week subscriptionEd Week feels the best way to disseminate information, stimulate discussion and promulgate formation of opinion is to force prospective readers and contributors to spend $69.

In case you forgot, we previously took on Ed Week for refusing to publish our op ed or letter disclosing the truth about Turnaround for Children Inc.’s abysmal failures in attempting to reach at-risk school children:

On its own website, Ed Week says it is “recognized as the premier source of news, information, and analysis on American pre-collegiate education.”

Ed Week calls itself a “news organization that provides distinctive staff-written original reporting while also aggregating high-quality content from other sources.”


Our blog was the beginning of the end for Ed Week’s being the alleged “premier source of news, information and analysis on American pre-collegiate education.”

Chalk another one up for us.

Register your protest at Ed Week’s new policy killing dissent – the bedrock of good journalism when the free flow of ideas is encouraged, not stifled.

Email Virginia $253,000-a-year Edwards:

virginia edwards stifling


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