BULLETIN: Turnaround for Children Inc. finally admits failures

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.

After months and months of denying its failure in NYC schools, Turnaround for Children Inc. is now admitting defeat?

Editor’s note: The NewarkSchoolsForSale blog team is in debt to its staff researcher for unearthing this startling development:


Tears at Turnaround for Children Inc.

But Gary Stern, author of the Bizjournal article, clearly checked his facts before he went to press.

Hats off to Stern.

Gary M. Stern

turnaround admits failure

Does this look like passing to you?

And Felsen discloses that Turnaround operates in the poorest schools?

Oh! Had no idea, Kate.

kate felsen mug


TFC CEO Pamela Cantor and TFC Chief Flakker Felsen think these scores are passing.

Are any of their kids in schools with scores like these?

Maybe Columbia PhD $377,000-a-year Osher of AIR.org can take a peek at the data.
osher mug

Us mere mortals here with sheer BA’s cannot figure out how to convert the data from Turnaround for Children schools in NYC into passing scores.

The facts about failing NYC test scores:



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