Oops! $377,000-a-year David Osher of AIR.org forgot to publish his “research” that allegedly shows what a blazing success Turnaround for Children Inc. is. What gives, Mr. PhD? Must be phantom research!

Did he forget something?

osher's missing research

osher mug

Where is $377,000-a-year David I-Make-It-All-Up Osher’s research on Turnaround for Children published?
It is not on his expansive resume.
Google searches produce nothing.
What is the reason?


A 50-page resume and no mention of his “celebrated” research that allegedly shows Turnaround for Children Inc.’s successes?

The same “research” that Turnaround’s Pammy Cantor extolled on her Facebook page?

Where is it, $377,000-a-year David?

Do tell!

Here’s $377,000-a-year Osher’s “research:”


Meanwhile, you can check our research – and it’s even footnoted:


And our response to $377,000-a-year Osher:



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