still refusing to grant equal time to Cohen; Osher’s one-sided view of Turnaround for Children Inc. immolating by the minute letter

david myers President $566,304-a-year David Myers

pat gurin mug Chairwoman $53,750-a-year Patricia Gurin



Bowing to public pressure, leaders of American Institutes for Research have mollified their refusal to grant us space to respond to Vice President $377,000-a-year David Osher’s glowing commentary on Turnaround for Children Inc.’s alleged successes reaching at-risk children in public schools.

osher mug $377-a-year Veep David Osher

Only after I filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Inspector General did officials decide they not only have a legal problem denying adequate public editorial access – since they receive $260,000,000 a year in taxpayer money – but they fear that funding could now be in real jeopardy.

Why would they want critical public opinion to crash the party?

And they also granted Osher space to add another two cents

to try to defend his failure to include disastrous test scores in his so-called “research.”

test score disaster graph

Osher’s so-called “research” missed the drooping test scores

In this link, you will see $377,000-a-year Osher’s blog post, below which top officials have published my response.

It took them nearly two weeks to conclude that their delayed decision to publish my response is what they call ‘compliant’ with their commenting policy “posted on the website.”

“All comments on the blog are subject to review. We reserve the right to withhold approval for any comments that are contrary to respectful and productive dialogue.”

Maybe they should add: “…any comments that run counter to our judgment that a $377,000-a-year PhD can do no wrong.”

They reached such a conclusion only after I served notice that I would pursue my complaint with the top cop at the U.S. Department of Education.

We call that “running scared.”

As in, running scared that their annual $260,000,000 in government money will fall under a federal audit – meaning they would lose that support if the inspector general concludes that they are freezing the public out of editorial access to their partisan commentary.

air failed to justify text of my post

If you don’t want to wade through Osher to get to me, here is my unfettered version:


When is done trying to silence me, they will have to deal with Kathleen Tighe, Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Education.

In that role, General Tighe is what you might call the agency’s top cop – rooting out fraud.

General Tighe has impressive credentials in such a role.

Tighe has a lengthy background in government accountability and a wealth of experience fighting fraud, according to

Prior to becoming the IG at Education, she was the Deputy Inspector General at the Agriculture Department.

From 1995 to 2005, she served as Counsel to the Inspector General, General Services Administration and, before that, she was an Assistant Counsel for the Office of Inspector General. From 1988 until 1991, she was a Trial Attorney with the Fraud Section of the Commercial Litigation Branch of the Department of Justice.

General Tighe’s office has published this mission statement:

“To promote the efficiency, effectiveness, and integrity of the Department’s programs and operations, we conduct independent and objective audits, investigations, inspections, and other activities. Anyone knowing of fraud, waste, or abuse of Department of Education funds should contact the OIG Hotline to make a confidential report.”

File:The Inspectors General - Logo.jpg




Lao Tzu

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”

…So, too, our blog’s effort to shine a light on reform-education hypocrisy and fraud…


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