$377,000-a-year Osher fires back, defends his ‘facts’ as they come under scrutiny; says he ‘didn’t know’ about last few years of failing test scores in wake of Turnaround for Children Inc.’s work


osher mug

$377,000-a-year David Osher living under a rock

American Institutes for Research Vice President David Osher is now claiming

he didn’t know about the disastrous test scores that resulted in the wake of

Turnaround for Children Inc.’s work in NYC schools.

He apparently missed headlines such as this just weeks ago:

test score headline nytimes


Osher missed this story, too, in the NY Daily News:

daily news school


If you doubt that Osher has been living under a rock, here is his explanation for missing the biggest education story in ages:

“My research on the Turnaround for Children School and five others took place between 2005 and 2008. Ted Cohen’s assertions relate to a school and a timeframe that I did not study nor mention in my blog post,” he writes in a Facebook message to us.

He gets paid $377,000 a year in taxpayer money to do that kind of work.

AIR receives some $260,000,000 a year in “government grants (contributions).”


990 air

Are you proud to be an American?

Our response to Osher:

We wrote back to Osher:

“OK, if your claim is true, then why is this the first time you are mentioning it in any of your writings?

If you stand by your research, then what happened in the five years following your work – or is that academic, as we say?”

Noe the big question to Osher:

So if your research is ‘stale 2008,’ on what basis did you write your article?

You will see here in Osher’s moldy commentary praising Turnaround for Children Inc. that he makes absolutely no mention of 2005 to 2008:


Here is a graph showing the test scores that Osher says he didn’t know about:

south bronx

Oh, there is one person who thinks Osher is a, uh, crack researcher…

Her name?

pamela cantor mug

Pam Cantor, president of – envelope please – Turnaround for Children Inc.

Cantor liked his article so much she posted it on TFC’s Facebook page – the same page she has locked me out of.


Again I call on Osher’s boss – the $100,000-a-year Patricia Gurin – and his other boss, AIR.org President David Myers – to once and for all publish my response on the institutes’ web site.

Here is it in case Gurin and Myers need an extra copy:


ted mug2

$1-a-year Ted Cohen, who has filed a complaint with the U.S. Inspector General for the Department of Education.

The inspector general roots out fraud in federally funded groups such as American Institutes for Research.


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