Your hard-earned federal tax money pays David Osher $377,000 a year as he shills Turnaround for Children Inc.’s fraudulent claims

air irs

This guy, $377,000-a-year David Osher of the tax-exempt American Institutes for Research, holds four taxpayer-funded jobs.

All that money and he can’t even look at a few test scores.

And get this: his resume says that his job at AIR  he “supervises data collection and analysis.”

But he doesn’t look at the test-score data that put to shame his claim that Turnaround for Children is succeeding in the classroom?

Sounds like top-notch research chops to us.

AIR’s own website says:

Osher serves as principal investigator of four major research and technical assistance centers funded by the U.S. government:

The National Center on Safe and Supportive Learning Environments, The Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental Health, and The National Evaluation and Technical Assistance Center for the Education of Children and Youth who are Neglected, Delinquent, or At Risk.
The real question is:

What is he investigating?

Maybe himself?

How can he play the roles of investigator and cheerleader simultaneously?

Where is the old-fashioned pretense of objectivity?

Or does he conveniently switch hats from researcher to PR fan as needed?

David Osher

He’s a shill for Turnaround for Children Inc.

Despite documented proof that Turnaround’s efforts to reach at-risk school kids is failing, Osher wrote that the program is a success.

He writes, “Turnaround for Children put South Bronx on the right path.”


He apparently missed the report showing dismal test scores in Every school in which Turnaround is working.

Just look at the South Bronx score report:

south bronx

It doesn’t take a statistician to determine the direction of a line on a graph.

Is it going up, or is it going down?

Simple enough, no?

Want more?

See this report of the disastrous Turnaround for Children Inc.’s hand in failing student tests:

American Institutes for Research – which is partly taxpayer funded through the U.S. Department of Education – has refused to print our response to Osher’s fraudulent claims.

(Here is our response –

We have emailed $50,000-a-year-salary AIR Chairwoman Patricia Gurin – who besides her AIR salary is pulling down a good chunk of change – an additional $54,000 – from the University of Michigan.

Curiously, her UMich page makes no mention of her double-dipping. No mention there of her cushy ‘job’ at AIR.

pat gurin mug

We have also:

* Requested that Kathleen Tighe, the U.S. department OF Education’s inspector general, launch a probe into the institute’s Center on Great Teachers and Leaders.

The Inspector General

Inspector General Tighe

U.S. Department of Education, Office of Inspector General - Washington

Our complaint reads as follows:

Inspector General Tighe:

I am interested in your opening an investigation into lack of public editorial access to The Center on Great Teachers and Leaders of the American Institutes for Research.

AIR has refused to respond to or print my response to a blog article it posted on its website that praises the work of Turnaround for Children Inc. in spite of publicly documented evidence that Turnaround for Children’s involvement in at-risk schools is not only not as successful as claimed, but simply is falling short of its publicized goals.

AIR’s Center on Great Teachers and Leaders website says: “The Center on Great Teachers and Leaders is based at American Institutes for Research and funded through a cooperative agreement by the Office of Elementary and Secondary Education at the U.S. Department of Education.”

Because this is a publicly funded endeavor, it is required to provide access to anyone wishing to offer competing editorial viewpoints.

By failing to do so it is in violation of the tenets of the agreement with the DOE.

Its website further states: “The contents of this website were developed under a cooperative agreement (S283B120021) from the U.S. Department of Education. Information presented in this site does not necessarily represent the policies of the Department of Education and does not imply endorsement by the federal government.”

Even though the agreement “does not imply endorsement by the federal government,” that disclaimer is insufficient to excuse or insulate the American Institutes for Research from offering editorial space to opposing viewpoints.

* Filed a Freedom of Information request with the U.S. Department of Education seeking a copy of the agreement between the department and the institute.


You folks out there need to know more about David Osher – as David Osher views himself?

Do you have time to peruse his 50-page resume?

That’s right – this taxpayer-paid scam artist has what we call self-aggrandizing tendencies.

His 17,347-word resume is a tree-killer’s delight.

You need a nap? If so here ya go:


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