Education Week joins flat-earth society; refuses to print letter blasting Vander Arss and other blowhards who vainly try to defend Turnaround for Children Inc.’s failures

Education Week is now refusing to print a letter to its editor calling out Tom Vander Arss and his baseless claims that Turnaround for Children Inc. is a success.
Editorial Projects in Education

Clearly, Ed Week is covering up for Bill Gates, a major education reformist.

Yes, folks, Gates owns Ed Week.

Let us back up for a moment.
Pammy Cantor, the rightous prexy of Turnaround for Children Inc., postulates that resolving the social/emotional issues of children living in poverty leads to academic success.
However, test scores of children studying in TFC partner schools are plummeting.
Need proof?
What would constitute sufficient evidence?
There is no evidence that the program is succeeding other than the baseless proclamations of Tommy My-Way-Or-The-Highway Vander Ark and other blowhards.
Tom Vander Ark
Vander Arss
And you need a Vander Ark/Bill Gates connection?
Vander Ark is a former executive director of education for the Gates Foundation.

As a former Gates Foundation executive,

has sacred-cow Vander Arss

been granted carte-blanche rights

to pontificate for Ed Week?

We have emailed Education Week deputy editor Mary-Ellen Deily asking her to defend Cathy Cardno’s decision refusing to print my letter calling on Vander Arss to defend his claims:
It is astonishing that Ed Week does not accept, as documentation of my claims, reports that have appeared in the conventional press showing marked decline in test scores reported by schools in which Turnaround for Children has been running its programs.

If press accounts of these scores – which I submitted to Cathy in response to her claim that my ‘facts’ were not documented – are not up to your standard, then what is?

Cathy Cardno
Mary-Ellen Deily

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