We’ve got Turnaround for Children Inc. on the run; Felsen hiring flak, social-media guru, marketing manager

turnaround now hiring

Turnaround mouthpiece Kate Felsen now needs help responding to our critical coverage of her employer.

Funny how Turnaround for Children Inc.’s top flak now needs extra staff to cope with our blogging proliferation.

Felsen is advertising for a communications manager, a social-media manager, and social-media marketing manager:

turnaround jobs

turnaround jobs

The job description for communications manager says that person would “monitor all media coverage.”

The social-media manager would “manage existing social media (incl. Twitter, blog accounts, etc.)

“Support the development and manage distribution of digiial newsletter.”

The social-media marketing manager would “develop and implement innovative and effective multi-media and branding strategies to extend reach, build new audiences and increase impact.”

But wait, that sounds like the social-media job.


Have they changed the job description?

Or are they now hiring three people to help the Overworked, Underappreciated Kate?

Maybe Kate will hire me?

Rather than focusing on the shortcomings of its programming, Turnaround is now looking for a way to spin its way out of trouble.

Pamela Cantor, president of Turnaround, has a habit of throwing money at problems.

Now, it appears that we are the problem.

Why else would Turnaround suddenly be soliciting candidates to hone its “message?”

And what exactly is the message – that Felsen isn’t qualified to control our barrage of critical writings about her and her employer?


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