Wanna sleaze with Pamela Cantor? Be a news-VIP slug – and “Like her” on Facebook

Roker’s forecast: Shill for Turnaround Children and fortune follows

pam and al

turnaround likes

The list of those who “like” Pam also includes:

turnaround likes2

And there’s more who really like Pam:

turnaround likes3

Are major media outlets’ likes on Facebook page an endorsement for Turnaround for Children Inc?

Ever wonder why Turnaround receives no objective press coverage?

Wonder no more.


A bright AJR editorial assistant was one of the first journalists to explore the awkward issue of reporters liking Facebookers.


headshot of Steven Mendoza

Steven Mendoza, AJR



Kelly Fincham, Poynter

Kelly Fincham also posted on journalistic Facebook ethical lapses:


Fincham even quotes The Wall Street Journal’s Liz Heron on the ethical cesspool of reporters liking people on Facebook.

But Heron’s righteousness apparently escaped her own notice. She apparently didn’t realize that the WSJ is among those posting likes on Facebook for, among others, Turnaround for Children Inc.:

turnaround likes3


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