Buy a Turnaround for Children Inc. hug – for $4.5 million

Fancy this – just days before New York announced tanking test scores, Turnaround for Children Inc. tried to steal the bad news with a comedic Facebook posting.

Comedic, that is, in our eyes.

Surely, Turnaround’s top exec could not have been serious when she trumpeted on her Facebook a new $4.5 million program.

p.s. 85 bronx turnaround facebook

Apparently, Pamela Cantor thought she could hide her foundation’s NYC-wide school failures by drawing attention to plans for her group to help teach charter schools how to succeed.

p.s. 85 bronx

Judging from that graph above, which highlights abysmal student failures in one of Turnaround for Children Inc.’s partner schools, would you want Pam Cantor meddling in your charter school?

Here’s the scoop: P.S. 85 in the Bronx is working with Cantor to help spend 4.5 million of New York taxpayer dollars to help build community. In return, charter- school teachers will show public-school teachers how to do their jobs.


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