Turnaround for Children Inc. test-score grades in NYC: A big fat F-


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nyc test graphic

So, Turnaround for Children Inc. likes to tout its success stories?

Well, in its NYC “partner schools,” Turnaround is now wearing a dunce’s cap.

City students’ scores take dramatic plunge after new standardized tests


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If you want an example of just how badly Turnaround for Children Inc. fares in its “partner schools” in NYC, all you need is one random sampling.

Take the M.S. 242 Mott Hall V school in the Bronx – please.

Just look at how badly the kids did on the latest tests in a school in which Turnaround for Children Inc. is touting its excellent results:

turnaround nyc failure

How ’bout that Pamela Cantor?

(Cantor is the self-aggrandizing president of Turnaround for Children Inc.)

Did I say you need only one random sample?

How unrepresentative of me!

I just found a second random sample, also from the Bronx.

P.S. 32, where Cantor claims unbridled proficiency success, is a disaster:

P.S. 32 proficiency drop

If the Bronx examples weren’t bad enough, take this school in Manhattan – please.

It’s even worse:

turnaround nyc failure

And here now is another abysmal failure in Manhattan, thanks to Robinhood Foundation funding.

(Robinhood Foundation, which has given Turnaround for Children Inc. more than $1 million to “reach” kids in NYC, got a complete pass from 60 Minutes, which claimed in its latest rerun that Robinhood turned around the test scores in NYC.)

NOTHING could be further from the truth:

60 minutes failure on robinhood

Oh, OK, so you want an example of proficiency in what, Queens?

Here’s our third random sample – the Collaborative Arts Middle School:

turnaround nyc failure

So, there you have it, a representative sample of Turnaround for Children Inc.’s “successes” in the nation’s largest school districts.

On its website, Turnaround for Children Inc. explains the key to its, uh, failure:

Our Mission

Turnaround for Children, Inc. strives to fulfill the promise of public education by helping high-poverty, low-performing public schools create positive learning environments that foster healthy intellectual, social, and emotional growth in every student.

So, disastrous test results in Turnaround’s partner schools in NYC?

Is that what we call “Mission Accomplished?”

And just wait ’til this fall, when Turnaround gets its Mission Accomplished hands on schools in Newark, N.J.

With a track record like this, who can wait?


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