Turnaround for Children Inc. paid lobbyists $273,250 – and counting

turnaround check to lobbyists

Is this how Turnaround for Children Inc. reforms education – by buying its way into City Hall?

He got $174,000 from Turnaround for Children Inc.

Bill McCarthy of Bolton-St.Johns, LLC in Albany struck paydirt when he was hired by Turnaround for Children Inc. to target NYC agency budgets by cozying up to city councilors.

Turnaround wrote him checks for:

* $75,000 in 2009.

* $87,000 in 2010.

* $12,000 in 2011.

 Lobbyist Bill Lynch Associates, LLC in Manhattan was also invited to the party.

bill lynch

Lynch received a paltry $27,500 in 2009 by introducing Turnaround officials to NYC councilors.


And then we have the lobbyist-in-silhouette James F. Capalino who never saw a check he didn’t like.

james capalino mug

Turnaround wrote him checks for:

* $36,750 in 2007.

* $35,000 in 2008.

For that $71,750, the well-connected Capalino agreed to work his expensive charm on:

– NYC Department of Education

– Bronx Borough president

– NY City Council

The operative question is, what did Turnaround for Children Inc. expect for its $273,250?

Since Turnaround officials refuse to answer any questions, you will  have to speculate…

Here is a list of lobbyists Turnaround for Children hired in New York 2009-2011.

The $273,250 doesn’t even include the checks written to all of these folks, about whom we are now inquiring:

turnaround lobbyist list

Source: followthemoney.org


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