Quid pro Cuo-mo? Turnaround for Children Inc. + guv = corruption? You don’t say.

andrew cuomojennifer cunningham skd turnaround

Gov. Andrew Cuomo + lobbyist Jennifer Cunningham = cozy bedfellows

So, you want to run for governor?

Apparently the first call you should make is to SKDKnickerbocker Managing Director Jennifer Cunningham.


Consider this timeline if you want to know how truth speaks to power:

(1.) Cunningham becomes key advisor to

2010 Cuomo gubernatorial campaign.

(2.) Cuomo wins the corner office.

  (3.) Turnaround for Children Inc. gets $300,000 grant from Cuomo administration.

(4.) Turnaround hires SKD to write press release.

Quid pro quo, or mere coincidence?

SKD on its own website says:

“There is no better place than SKD if you are in

need of strategic communications advice to manage a crisis, protect a brand,

advocate an issue, or win an election.”

Could not have said it better ourselves.

Apparently, Turnaround thought the same thing – check out the following post for details…


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