Can ‘Turnaround for Children’ friends help Cami get her bonus?

cami anderson

The Newark Teachers Union is circulating an on-line petition – on – requesting that Superintendent Cami Anderson not be given a $50,000 bonus after cutting Newark school budgets by over $50 million.

The petition, addressed to Gov. Chris Christie and Education Commissioner Chris Cerf, is not restricted to teacher signators.

The following email is being sent out on behalf of
John M. Abeigon, NTU Director of Organization
Today New Jersey Spotlight reported that the Christie Administration is considering giving as much as a $50,000 bonus to Newark’s controversial superintendent in the same year she’s forced over $50 million in cuts on Newark schools. [1]Tell Education Commissioner Cerf: No bonus for Cami Anderson while Newark’s schools are on the chopping block.

This spring Christie-appointed Superintendent Cami Anderson pushed through a school budget that cut $56 million from Newark schools, slashing funding for some schools by as much as 15%. [2] In response nearly 1,000 Newark students walked out of class and marched on a meeting of the New Jersey Assembly Budget Committee to demand the funds their schools are entitled to under state law.But in the end Anderson and Christie prevailed; no additional funds were offered to Newark. That the Christie Administration can now consider giving $50,000 to Newark’s superintendent while schools have been closed and programs are on the chopping block is simply obscene.Tell Commissioner Cerf that Cami Anderson shouldn’t get a bonus while Newark schools bleed.
chris cerf mug
Commissioner Chris Cerf

While Chris Christie and Commissioner Cerf may be happy with Anderson’s willingness to carry out their attacks on Newark public schools, Newark’s community is not.

This year the Newark Board of Education gave Anderson a vote of no confidence and the Newark City Council unanimously called for a moratorium on her future proposals
.Newark residents realize their public schools are being hollowed out from within.
Instead of working to improve public education, the Christie Administration is pushing a pro-charter, pro-voucher agenda that will be great for some people’s pocketbooks but totally inadequate to meet the needs of students.
They’re even on record as saying that they haven’t done a good enough job.
When Newark residents demanded that the state give up its stranglehold on Newark schools and give control back to the community, Commissioner Cerf shoo’d them off and said that Newark school performance wasn’t where it needed to be. [3]
But if school performance is lagging, how can they possibly justify giving the person they charged with improving it a massive bonus?
This is cronyism at its very worst, and it’s an insult to Newark students, educators, and residents
John M. Abeigon
Director of Organization
[1] Mooney, John. “Newark’s school chief is up for her next performance bonus.” New Jersey Spotlight, July 22, 2013.
[2] “The backstory: Why Newark’s high school students walked out.” New Jersey Spotlight, April 12, 2013.
[3] “Acting Commissioner dramatically lowers state monitoring scores.” The Education Law Center, July 5, 2012.
Mike Maillaro
Director of Research and Communication
Newark Teachers Union
“Stay strong, stay focused, stay united”

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